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Design Thinking 

In this project, we employ design thinking and a person-centered approach to enhance the use of home dialysis. Through practical tests of communication between hospital staff and home dialysis patients, as well as evaluation of dialysis equipment and waste management at home, we aim to develop new, effective products and communication models. Having a person-centered approach ensures that the users' needs, resources, and experiences are at the forefront.

Understand and improve

We involve individuals with kidney disease, healthcare professionals, industry, and researchers from the start of the project to gather valuable perspectives. The ambition is to gain insights into what prevents the widespread use of home dialysis, despite its many advantages and potential cost savings. To understand the life situation and health of home dialysis users, we use information from extensive national quality registries. We also explore why home dialysis often is not presented as an option by healthcare professionals and develop informational efforts and tools to address this issue.

Our goal is for the solutions and strategies we develop to be integrated into national guidelines, influence healthcare education, and the product development of companies. The person-centered approach and framework we develop within home dialysis can also be applied in other areas of healthcare.

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