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Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment for kidney failure and is today most often performed in a hospital. However, research shows that when dialysis is instead performed at home, both health, quality of life and finances are improved.
More Homedialysis is a Scandinavian project, funded by Interreg ÖKS, where we will test and develop products, services and models to increase home dialysis in both Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


Through person-centered care, cross-border collaboration and health innovations, we want to provide people with kidney failure, relatives, care operations and decision-makers with the conditions, knowledge and tools to increase dialysis at home.

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En man sitter i ett sovrum i en fåtölj. Han tittar på en dialysapparat som står bredvid honom

Testing, analysis and evaluation 

We will carry out hands-on experiments to assess interactions among hospital personnel, patients at home, dialysis machinery, and waste disposal systems. From these findings, we aim to create communication tools and procedural models in partnership with home dialysis users. Engaging with users, alongside corporations, healthcare experts, and scholars from the outset of the design and evaluation stages, offers crucial perspectives on the challenges that have hindered the adoption of home dialysis. This approach aligns with the aspirations of patient groups and the anticipated economic benefits.

Expected results

We hope that the project can contribute to a description of what the conditions for increased home dialysis in Sweden, Denmark and Norway look like, based on an analysis of which policies, legislation and cultural similarities and differences prevail. The Scandinavian model for home dialysis that the project develops could be included in the countries' national guidelines and knowledge management in the care of kidney disease and will influence nursing education and the companies' product development.

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